2023-08-18: The impossible takes a little longer!

2023-08-18: The impossible takes a little longer!

"The impossible just takes a little longer."  Thanks mom and dad for teaching me that lesson early in life.  I was blessed with amazing parents, and they shared their wisdom and love freely with all their children.  I was affectionately known as the #3 child and a few other names I won't share. LOL!

Fast forward to circa 2014. Dan (my late husband) was taking me for a drive around the area.  When we passed the corner of HWY 360 and Jackson Road, he pointed to an empty pasture and said, "I want to own that someday".  I had been very ill and hadn't worked for months.  Dan was between jobs.  What a pipe dream to be able to buy 240 acres in such an amazing valley!  I thought to myself, "I don't know how, but I will figure out how to make this happen for us."

Fast forward to 2018, my health had significantly improved, and Dan and I were both working.  I had figured out how to finance our dream of living out of town.  It was in the fall of 2018 that MT Shedhorn Properties became an official business in search of a property.  Fate seemed to push us back to the Jackson Road property and we purchased the raw land in March 2019.

Then things really started to happen.  It took mountains of hard work, persistence, actual blood-sweat-and-tears, and money to get things accomplished.  What a wild ride to go from dry pasture ground to the property known as Shedhorn.  As of July 2023, Shedhorn boasts 3 vacation rental cabins, horse motel, dog/cat boarding, tax/vacation rental office, productive pasture ground complete with stock pens, and a house and shop.

Shedhorn is the perfect place to reconnect with your family, friends and nature!  I hope you come stay with us in the cabins.  Don't forget your pets.  They are welcome in the cabins and can also be boarded in the dog kennels and cat condos.  Bring your horses and mules and they can stay in our horse motel.

I can't wait to share Shedhorn with you!

Jan Funston - Crazy woman with a dream.

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