2023-08-31:Get out of my way!  I did, and the dog kennels got finished.

2023-08-31:Get out of my way! I did, and the dog kennels got finished.

          Dan and I lived in a 700 square foot house, and I was usually under foot.  He was known to exclaim... "Get out of my way!"  This was usually followed with ... "Dammit"!  (It was all in good humor.)  One day I said, "My name isn't Dammit!" and the name stuck. LOL.

In the past few months, I've been chastising Dammit by telling her ... Get out of my way!  You see, Dammit was dragging her feet on finishing the dog boarding facility.  People were coming the end of July and I had promised to be open by then.  The main footprint for the kennel in the shop had been done for months.  All Dammit had to do was to build a few walls, hang some doors, secure kennel panels, paint and make it pretty!

I'm a CPA by trade.  I'm not a carpenter.  And I hadn't slept at a Holiday Inn lately so I wasn't sure I could pull this off.  I realized that I was the only one holding me back.  I literally started to tell Dammit (I mean myself), to just get out of my way so I could get it done. That's exactly what I did.  I picked up some tools and hung some doors, built walls, painted and decorated.

Shedhorn invites you to bring your dogs to enjoy our kennels while you are away from home. There are five stalls.  Each stall has 25-30 square feet inside and 45-50 square feet outside.  The inside space is heated in the winter and the outside space is protected from the weather.  The stalls easily accommodate 2 or more dogs depending on their size.  Dogs from the same household can share a kennel if that's what you prefer.





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