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Shedhorn Cabins

Horse Motel Corral #5 60 x 40

Horse Motel Corral #5 60 x 40

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Welcome to our new Horse Motel facility.  
This corral allows multiple head of Equine or Cattle. 
Stays are limited to 15 days.

• $150/night for this corral and the livestock owner determines how many head are appropriate.  For stays of 5 days or more, apply the 5% discount code: 


•Fresh water available ~ you are responsible for all feed, medication, supplements and veterinary costs.   

• Metal railings and sand ground cover

•Parking available for vehicles & stock trailers

•For boarding stallions, bulls, and smaller livestock ~ please call ahead for availability:


•Check-Out time will be 11:00 am

•Shedhorn Equine Boarding Agreement HERE

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